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Elsa Serion


After winning the HMTA High School Competition in 1977, Ms. Serion went on to obtain her High School Diploma in Music through the National Guild of Piano Teachers. Elsa Serion began her music teaching career while obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in Piano Performance at UH Manoa. As a former student of Kay Dolan and Paul Lyddon her skills and objectives as a music teacher reflects a striving for excellence that is evident in her students. She took over ownership of the former Kay Dolan Piano Studio in 2000.  Ms Serion is an active member of the HMTA, HPTA, MTNA and National Guild of Piano Teachers.


Elsa Serion has been teaching piano for 34 years. Her success stems from her love of teaching. She enjoys patiently working with each child to reach their full potential as a piano performer. Knowing that the skills they learn in music carry over to all aspects of learning and life.


Elsa has participated and encouraged her students to participate in the Pianomania event with students playing on 15 pianos.  Preparing students for the National Guild Auditions each year is a regular part of her teaching curriculum. 

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