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Charlotte Harada


Charlotte Harada has been an integral part of the piano studio for many years. Her career in music originated as a student of Kay Dolan - former owner of the Pearl City Piano Studio. Through Guild Auditions at the Piano Studio, Charlotte Harada earned her High School Diploma in Music. She is also a member of the Hawaii Music Teachers Association and the National Guild of Piano Teachers. She is a past Treasurer and Newsletter Editor for the HMTA and has served on several committees. She has also served as an accompanist for the Pearl City Hongwanji Choir and an organist for the Pearl City Hongwanji.

Mrs. Harada has been teaching piano for nearly 50 years. Her students range in ages from 4 - adult. Mrs. Harada finds great satisfaction in teaching her students the joy of music and the benefits of perseverance. One of her former students notes that after a bad day at school the first thing she wants to do is sit down at the piano and RELAX ! What a rewarding experience to have a part in helping others find inner peace through music.

Mrs. Harada strives to enter all her students in music Recitals and Guild Auditions because it gives them a goal to reach for and a sense of accomplishment at the end of the school year. A number of her students have participated in HMTA's Pianomania, an ensemble group, Parade of Young Musicians.

She utilizes various methods including duets, 2-piano pieces, sightreading and theory. She uses extensive MIDI techniques to reinforce students learning. Student musicianship phases (scales, chords etc...) is an integral part of student's lessons from day one. This provides students with a fine base from which she can teach classical, popular and jazz styles. In addition to the Annual Piano Studio Music Recital she implements mini-recitals to prepare students for the annual guild auditions.

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